Facebook has been touching your app’s design for a few months to adapt it to the new times, with a change in its logo, home screen and other elements that make it a little friendlier. Remember how old the previous screen layout had been seen and how it now shines much brighter and better.

The fact is that what happened today with the Android application is curious, because we are not so much about a radical change as we are about a relocation of some elements in a more appropriate and logical way. The rules of usability of the apps often lead to the tastes of a company being set apart depending on the uses and customs that users carry out massively by habit.

Facebook prepositions its top menus

Mark Zuckerberg’s social network was one of the few that kept all the eyelashes against the wind and tide with the different sections at the top. Something that has been shown to be not the most common, even more so when all your competition opts for the opposite.

That’s exactly what Facebook has done with the Android app, as you can see in the comparison of screens that we leave below: on the left the previous interface in front of the current one, which is the one you see on the right. It hardly changes anything except that important detail that, for sure, will be welcomed by the same users who were lost going to the top to look for options, settings and pages or friends that we follow.

This change not only helps Facebook get on the cart of the uses and customs of most messaging apps or social networks, but facilitates its use with one hand, which with the icons at the top was very complicated to perform. However, this update that some users got to publish (on Reddit) that had already reached them, suddenly disappeared and their Android releases returned to a kind of pre-update state.

We don’t yet know if these developments will arrive widespread soon or if they are spreading to land on all devices and territories throughout this week or those that come. Be that as it may, if your mobile suddenly appears with the update,don’t be surprised: the icons at the bottom of the Facebook screen are here to stay.


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