Otter Voice Notes

Otter is the place discussions live. It records and takes meeting notes for you continuously, so you can remain concentrated on the discussion and have confidence that data, activities, participants are caught, effectively accessible, and shareable with your group. Likewise accessible online at 600 minutes free each month. English as it were.

Supercharge your note-taking with AI and use Otter for every one of your gatherings, meetings, addresses, and regular voice discussions.

Numerous Uses of Otter

Take meeting notes consequently

Share meeting minutes and outline with partners to keep everybody in a state of harmony

Invite associates to alter and feature meeting notes

Record and translate interviews, addresses, digital broadcasts, recordings, online courses, keynotes

Provide live inscribing to hard of hearing, nearly deaf, ESL individuals, and anybody with openness needs

Record and Transcribe Live

Record right away in one tap, with a gadget and easy route as well

Transcribe progressively (when on the web) with high exactness

Highlight the key focuses to audit later

Insert photographs of whiteboard conversations, slides, and so forth.

Scroll back to snatch a cite or return to a point

Input sound using an inherent mic or Bluetooth gadget

Improve Notes with AI

Punctuate, underwrite, and break sections consequently

Identify speakers (after some preparation)

Generate word mists and outline watchwords; tap on a word to bounce to where it was said

Offer and Collaborate

  •  Start an account inside a gathering to share the transcript life
  •  Invite bunch individuals to see, alter, and feature cooperatively
  •  Share remotely through connections
  •  Include a connection in your tweet to implant an intelligent transcript

Search and Playback

  •  Search the content so you don’t need to clean through the entire sound
  •  Playback at customizable velocities
  •  Follow along with the featured word as the sound is playing
  •  Tap on any word to avoid the sound to that spot

Alter and Highlight

  •  Edit the content to address any mistakes
  •  Tag the speakers to mark the passages and train Otter to distinguish speakers as well
  •  Highlight sentences in a single tap

Sort out and Export

  •  Organize your discussions into individual envelopes
  •  Copy to clipboard, or offer legitimately into different applications
  •  Export text as PDF, TXT, or SRT
  •  Export sound as MP3

Import and Sync

  •  Import sound (aac, m4a, mp3, wave, WMA) and video (avi, MOV, mp4, mpg, WMV)
  •  Sync with your Zoom (Pro or higher) record to interpret cloud chronicles
  •  Upload from Call Recorder – ACR or other call recording applications
  •  Sync with your schedules to get suggestions to record your gatherings and vehicle title your notes
  •  Import your contacts to make it simpler to share
  •  Back up your information to Otter’s cloud consequently and get to safety from any gadget

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